I am an expert 3D modeler for characters, props, vehicles, weapons and environments and have created both high and low polygon assets for game productions. I have over 20 years experience in creating a variety of game assets for several different genres (fantasy, sci-fi, combat, superheroes, horror, etc) using 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Mudbox, Topogun, and XNormals.

I've been a senior/lead 3D artist (Characters and General) at the companies I've worked for as well as also having served as Art Director for several developers and understand the requirements and flexibilities needed in a production pipeline. In my capacity as an Outsource Manager, I've supervised overseas teams as well as mentoring junior artists at the various companies I've worked for.

I've also taught 3D Game Assets over the last several years including prop modelling, character modelling, and Zbrush and Mudbox sculpting and detailing at several universities. I often give live demos of several leading industry standard programs as well.

As an enthusiastic instructor, I also love creating video tutorials on a wide variety of subjects including Zbrush, 3DS Max, Topogun, Roadkill and many more (some soon to be released) to help students better their skillsets.

I enjoy being part of a development team creating AAA titles while adapting to the constant changes dictated by a production pipeline yet maintaining a professional work ethic and attitude.

If there's a motto I work by it's "leave your ego at the door". I love what I do, plain and simple; whether it's working on a Gears of War style game or Bambi, it's all the same creativity to me.

If you'd like my resume, please click the CONTACT button to the right to email me and I'll be happy to send it!